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Stress and anxiety are common responses in situations that are challenging or difficult as per our perceptions. To a certain level, stress is considered to have a positive impact as well (eustress), but when this stress and anxiety cross a certain threshold and start meddling with our daily-life activities is when we need to seek help.

Online Therapy for Anxiety


 Experiencing some of these symptoms may not necessarily mean that you have an Anxiety disorder.

NOTE: We do not deal with clinical diagnoses. Kindly refer to a Clinical Psychologist if you are looking for or have a clinical diagnosis.


You tend to worry about anything and everything to the extent that it becomes uncontrollable, you just can't seem to shake it off no matter how hard you try. This also hinders your regular tasks because more than doing them, you tend to be worried about how will it be done.


One of the most common and identifiable manifestations of anxiety is muscle tension. The muscles feel tensed as if they are storing your worries. Your body feels stressed and fatigued more often than not and again, you haven't done a lot of physical activity for it to happen.


Restlessness becomes your usual behaviour and not on purpose, but it just happens to takeover any other feeling that you may have. It keeps you on the edge at all times.


Everything around seems annoying for no reason that you can identify. Irritation is one of the prominent emotions that you can experience and it becomes very difficult to understand the reasons for your irritation because later it seems like a very normal thing to happen that wouldn't have irritated you otherwise.


Something that you used to do easily and had not issues focusing on takes more time and more energy out of you. It leaves you thinking that you weren't able to do a simple task with attention and focus. There is extreme difficulty concentrating on day-to-day activities.


it’s difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep). Even if you are somehow able to manage and get to sleep you won't be able to maintain that sleep for long and would wake up with a feeling of rush.

4 ways in which therapy can help you with your anxiety issues:

  • Learn how to acknowledge and understand your thoughts that are leading you towards feeling anxious.

  • Therapy would help you to tackle these thoughts once identified by exploring the possible root causes for the same.

  • It also helps you with a safe space where you don’t have to worry about your worries causing you difficulties because we understand that you aren’t doing it deliberately and are trying as hard as you can to fight it.

  • Learn to enhance your relationship between what you’re concerned about and what you can control.

Let's answer your questions!

What is an anxiety disorder?
A little anxiety in your day-to-day life is very normal but when it starts hindering your functioning or makes it difficult for you to function at your optimum level in a healthy manner, it is considered an anxiety disorder. It interferes with your ability to respond to a situation calmly and might lead to emotional reactions when you feel triggered by something out of your control. It often looks like a racing heart, muscle tension, or trouble sleeping. While an anxiety disorder can be overwhelming, there are several treatments available to help you tackle the symptoms.
Blue Skies


Client-focused space We value your time, money and also acknwledge the courage it takes to seek help. We will be there to guide you at each step. Your true 'mental wellbeing partner' at first sight!

Ethically driven Mental health space requires a lot of emphasis on following ethical practices in terms of having a team of qualified professionals to maintianing confidentiality of our clients. We make it a priority to take care of all those nitty gritties at every stage of the process.

You make the decisions here Choose your therapist, time slots and what package suits the best for your needs and budget. We will help you make more informed decisions if you get stuck anywhere!

From the comfort of your home/work/a cozy cafe All you need is your device and a quiet place for you to connect with us for your therapy sessions.

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