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Often we find ourselves in a fix due to reasons we aren’t very sure of. We observe ourselves getting angry about the most ordinary things, or we face trouble concentrating on things that aren't so difficult to concentrate on or we do not feel confident enough to handle certain situations. Through therapy, we try to identify the roots of the concern and thereby help ourselves grow from these self-doubting, self-limiting, or emotional upsurge moments or times when we are overthinking a few things in life ‘just to be on a safer side.’


Self-improvement may include but is not limited to

  • Anger management - Anger is one of the most common emotions that we experience and it is absolutely natural to get angry at times but when that anger starts deteriorating our mental health is when we need to get help and manage the emotion.

  • Procrastination - Procrastination is a very common issue that we usually face. We often put things on hold because something else is more gratifying in the present moment. A lot of times, procrastination is considered like any other time management issue while it may not be as simple as meets the eye.

  • Self-esteem - Self-esteem is our view of ourselves. We often appreciate people for the smallest achievements while underplaying our achievements no matter how big or small they are. It can happen because of a lot of things in life that we may discuss in therapy and grow from this downplaying attitude of ours.

  • Confidence - Confidence is our willingness to give it a shot despite being aware that it might not work out. It is our belief in the abilities and strengths that we possess. It has an impact on all that we do, our behaviour, and our thinking, a lot of it is governed by how confident we feel while we are at something.

  • Communication - Our communication holds the key to most of our experiences in life. The way we communicate and perceive communication can be different for different people and at times, this meddles with our daily-life functioning. Communication is one of the most important skills we must hone in our life.

  • Self-doubt - We often doubt our abilities, and undermine our achievements while applauding others. We keep asking ourselves if we would be able to do it while we push and motivate others. This hinders our growth, limits our strengths, and does not allow us to have a clear vision of our goals.

  • Inferiority complex - Inferiority complex is not only about feeling inferior to someone else but also encompasses feelings of inadequacy within ourselves. We don’t feel capable enough to do things because of certain shortcomings we feel we have in comparison to people around us while they might not be there or are such that we can overcome but our inferiority complex makes us believe that we can’t.

  • Concentration - The ability to sustain our attention on a particular thing for the required duration is called concentration. We might be facing concentration issues due to various reasons that therapy can help us understand.

  • Overthinking - Often, we end up thinking about the extremes of a situation and mostly negative while at it. We keep worrying about the same thought repeatedly leading us nowhere rather, it is impacting our decision-making skills, confidence and other areas of functioning.

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