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We go through various turbulent phases in our relationships be it friendships, family relationships, or romantic relationships to name a few but either it is too difficult to accept that there are issues in these relationships or we are unable to find a way to cope with the consequential issues that it brings along. A relationship requires effort from both partners involved. No matter how hard one tries, one can’t compensate for the other’s effort.

Online therapy for relationship issues


Not every relationship that we’re in works out the way we expected them to. Things happen and two individuals break apart. It becomes difficult for us to manage the absence of an individual we were so involved with and therapy is here to help you grow through this phase of your life.


None of our relationships are perfect, the same goes for our marital relationship. A married couple can have a variety of concerts starting from understanding and trust to adjustment and others. Therapy helps us establish a strategy that resolves these concerns and helps a couple feel at their best in the marriage.


Even before getting married, there can be apprehensions and concerns that require our attention before we get married else, they might blow out of proportion with time.


One of the first relationships that children experience is the one with their parents and when things go haywire here, it has long-lasting impacts in various domains of our life. Seeking help to understand our parents or understanding our children can be the first step towards establishing an amicable relationship with each other.


Infidelity or the act of getting involved with someone other than your partner, emotionally, physically (or sexually) breaks not just the relationship but also the individual who experienced cheating and who got involved with someone else.


Friends are one of the most important people in our lives, isn’t it? But, like any other relationship, this too is not concern proof. Issues like betrayal, cheating, miscommunication, and others might arise between two or a group of friends and therapy might be a good start towards their resolution.

6 ways in which therapy can help you with your relationship issues:

  • Therapy helps you overcome these patterns by going deep into the roots of it.

  • Therapy provides you with a space to express your feelings of hurt, anger, betrayal, resentment or whatever it might be without any fear of judgement.

  • It helps you in creating awareness about your emotions and better expression of them in the relationship.

  • It also helps you develop a better understanding of your and your partner’s expectations and communication of the same.

  • It can help you better understand your deep-seated attachment patterns that are interfering in your relationship.

  • Therapy shall help you identify the red-flags if any in a relationship and also help you create awareness and better understand why these were not yet overtly visible or were you ignoring these considering them normal.

Let's answer your questions!

What kind of relationship concerns can I come up with?
Relationship concerns can arise in any kind of relationship. You can reach out for help or seek support from a professional for your breakup,  relationship dynamics with your parents, concerns regarding your marital life, pre-marital apprehensions, issues in friendships, trust issues or infidelity-related concerns as well.
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Client-focused space We value your time, money and also acknwledge the courage it takes to seek help. We will be there to guide you at each step. Your true 'mental wellbeing partner' at first sight!

Ethically driven Mental health space requires a lot of emphasis on following ethical practices in terms of having a team of qualified professionals to maintianing confidentiality of our clients. We make it a priority to take care of all those nitty gritties at every stage of the process.

You make the decisions here Choose your therapist, time slots and what package suits the best for your needs and budget. We will help you make more informed decisions if you get stuck anywhere!

From the comfort of your home/work/a cozy cafe All you need is your device and a quiet place for you to connect with us for your therapy sessions.

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