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Work and Academic stress

Stress is a normal response. We often tend to get stressed with tasks, deadlines and/or meetings with our bosses or in our academic sphere for that matter. These stressors usually generate an unpleasant response in us and we forget about everything other than the stressor.

Working From Home

Work and academic stress may include but is not limited to

  • Disturbed work-life balance - Work and personal life do spillover at times and meddle with each others’ affairs and when that starts happening, our work-life balance goes for a toss. We are neither able to concentrate at work nor in our personal lives.

  • Performance pressure - Both in work and academic settings, we have this innate desire to score well, to be the best employee of the month or the best student but a lot of times, before we realise it, these create an undue pressure on our minds to achieve it thus leading us to not perform well.

  • Sleeplessness - When we have an assignment submission tomorrow, or a meeting with a big client, we are so focused on not ruining it that we end up losing our sleep for it preparing till the very last moment without even realising how harmful it might be for our concentration.

  • Discomforting work environment - Not every workplace is a desirable workplace. At times, we get supervisors and bosses who like to micro-manage thus impacting our productivity and making us doubt our efforts. Discomforting work environment stresses us out and creates a lot of self-doubts.

  • Conflicts with peers/colleagues - More often than not, our discomforting work/academic environment is a direct result of our relationship with our colleagues/peers. When we are not on good terms with them, we get stressed and a number of emotional responses come up.

  • Lack of clarity - We have this tendency to have everything figured out while the truth is that we can never have everything figured out. But, a sense of clarity is important in dealing with the stressors that our academic/workplace throws at us, clarity in terms of what we do and what is our goal.

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