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Couple Therapy Sessions

A safe, confidential and unbiased space for you and your partner to unpack your relationship struggles without any fear of judgement, understand the issues better and work on achieveing your personal and mutual goals with the help of a professional.

Relationship conflicts

Are your fights overwhelming you and things feel out of control?

Lack of clarity & understanding

Don't feel understood by your partner and lack clarity about your relationship?

Communication gap

Sometimes we are not able to say what we want & need to say, and that makes all the dfference in our relationships.

Pre-marital concerns

Getting married is a big life change. Feeling anxious or having any second thoughts or conflicts?

Emotional or physical intimacy issues

Missing that emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship now?


Found yourself in an emotionally straining place because of your partner's extra-marital affair? 

Start Couple Therapy

Use CODE: COUPLE200 (T&C apply)


How does couple therapy help? Couple therapy sessions are conducted by a trained mental health professional. Most of these sessions are conducted in the presence of both the partners. The therapy space is for the couples to express freely about the challenge sthat they face in their relationship, their expectations from each other and the therapy process. Based on the goals set by the couple and the tehrapist together, the therapist helps the couple achieve those goals through various therapeutic tools and techniques.

Can we meet the therapist individually as well? Yes, based on your concerns there may be need for you to take individual sessions with your therapist. This is essential to have conversations that may not be possible in a shared space with your partner. Consult your therapist about this. The Combination package gives you both couple and Individual sessions at a discounted prices. Check the package to know more.

What if the therapist is biased towards my partner? At MentAmigo, we have a client-centred approach in all our therapy sessions. Hence, we assure you that the therapist will provide a space that's conducive for both the partners and the relationship challenges that you are facing.

Are there any discounts available. We do have occassional discounts on all our services. Apart from that buying session packages can help you save some money as you enter the space of therapy.

Blue Skies


Client-focused space We value your time, money and also acknwledge the courage it takes to seek help. We will be there to guide you at each step. Your true 'mental wellbeing partner' at first sight!

Ethically driven Mental health space requires a lot of emphasis on following ethical practices in terms of having a team of qualified professionals to maintianing confidentiality of our clients. We make it a priority to take care of all those nitty gritties at every stage of the process.

You make the decisions here Choose your therapist, time slots and what package suits the best for your needs and budget. We will help you make more informed decisions if you get stuck anywhere!

From the comfort of your home/work/a cozy cafe All you need is your device and a quiet place for you to connect with us for your therapy sessions.

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