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Feeling low is another common response we all experience in an untoward incident or when things are not panning out the way we had imagined. Depression is more than just a low mood. Persistently feeling sad, fatigued, losing interest in things, pessimism taking over and many other such symptoms experienced over a long period of time are some of the many other symptoms of Depression.

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 Experiencing some of these symptoms may not necessarily mean that you have Depression.

NOTE: We do not deal with clinical diagnoses. Kindly refer to a Clinical Psychologist if you are looking for or have a clinical diagnosis.


Lack of energy or constant fatigue is a constant battle you might face. You don't have the energy to get up from your bed and you feel fatigued despite not doing much. 


You either feel like your stomach is full all the time or you haven't eaten anything for ages. You're either sleeping most of the time or are not experiencing any or little sleep during the night as well.


You might be going through persistent sadness that just does not go away. There seems to be nothing that can help you feel better or let you out of your orbit of sadness. It does not mean you aren't trying to be happy, it is just that sadness takes over most of the time.


Your usual cup of coffee in the evening does not feel the same any longer. There is a lack of interest & joy in most things. You don't want to play the guitar that always pumped you up, you don't want to attend the dance classes or even the long drives do not feel good any longer.


All your achievements seem diminished and you're left with a constant feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness or guilt.


Something that you used to do easily and had not issues focusing on takes more time and more energy out of you. It leaves you thinking that you weren't able to do a simple task with attention and focus. There is extreme difficulty concentrating on day-to-day activities.

5 ways in which therapy can help you with depression:

  • Therapy can help you cope with emotional struggles that are making it difficult for you to function well.

  • Understand your concerns in depth and get a treatment plan for your needs.

  • Get recommendations for self-care tools that you can use between sessions to manage low mood.

  •  Therapy can help you identify behavioural patterns and thought patterns if any to be able to break the chain of such thoughts.

  • Better equip you with emotional regulation techniques.

Let's answer your questions!

What is the difference between sadness and depression?
Sadness is a normal human reaction to events and situations that may occur in one's life while depression is a persistent low-mood condition which hinders and obstructs daily level functioning for an individual.
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