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Wellness Programs



Feeling like a part of something makes learning more effective!



Don’t just listen, learn from your own experiences!



There’s something for everyone to take back with them!


  • Emotional Intelligence at the workplace

  • Interpersonal workplace relationships

  • Increasing Productivity

Co-working space


  • Child and adolescent mental wellbeing

  • Parenting workshops

  • Employee wellness and interpersonal relationships

  • Mental health concerns of the youth



  • Support Groups (Coming soon!)

  • Awareness campaigns (Online/Offline)

  • Community based Workshops, Trainings & Webinars 

Support Group


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Modern Work Space

We all want our students/employees to perform well, get good results and achieve their goals successfully. But performance in work or academics doesn’t exist in isolation and hence, in order to achieve all of that, we also need to cultivate our mental wellbeing, just like we focus on being physically healthy.

When a person is going through a personal loss or distress, is facing abuse at home, in the workplace or in school, is exhausted because of work pressure or is facing troubles adjusting with their peers, it impacts their mental wellbeing, which in turn shows its domino effect on their work and performance as well.

MentAmigo is here with some plans for your organization to help your employees and/or students to work on their mental wellbeing, and become a significant medium for their personal and professional growth. We conduct workshops, webinars, seminars, training programs, support groups etc addressing issues like employee wellbeing, interpersonal relationship management, emotional intelligence, students’ wellbeing, parenting, child and adolescent development and much more.

We conduct support group sessions, workshops, trainings and webinars in collaboration with NGOs and other institutions. These sessions can be done in both online and offline modes.

The Wellness Programs can be customized as per the need of the organization. Please share your requirements with us and we’ll connect with you.

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