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Family Issues

Different people have different opinions and different lifestyles. To a large extent, a family is considered accommodative to it but when these differences start creating issues in our personal wellbeing, it is time we seek help.

Family issues may include but are not limited to:

  • Adjustment issues - Due to the varied perspectives on living, often we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere trying to adjust to the normative behaviour of the family no matter what it may be. We try putting up with these but quite a lot of times, end up feeling burned out, alone, left out, et cetera.

  • Communication gap - Family members have different communication patterns but more or less, conformity is expected out of all the members with whosoever is considered the final decision maker and therefore a lot of times, we are unable to make our point or communicate in clear terms as to what we want.

  • Conflicting perceptions - Varied perceptions in a family are not new but when these perceptions start conflicting with each other to the extent that we start losing our mind over it and it starts impacting our daily lives, we may consider speaking to a therapist.

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