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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Online Counseling or Online Therapy?
    Online Therapy or Online Counseling is an alternative to the traditional face-to-face therapy setups. All the processes happen online and the sessions too are conducted online through different mediums like Google Meet, Audio Calls, Chat, et cetera. Online therapy or online counseling deals with a variety of mental health concerns like (but is not limited to) depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, confidence issues, work stress, academic stress, et cetera.
  • What are the advantages of Online Therapy?
    Online Therapy has several advantages, ease of access, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. Unlike traditional face-to-face setup, in an online counseling setup, you don’t have to visit anywhere, rather, it can be accessed from anywhere. Because you don't have to travel to any place, you save on your travelling costs as well. Online Therapy also helps you with a lot of flexibility as you can choose from an available slot based on your convenience.
  • Who needs Counseling?
    Counseling and Therapy are for all of us. Some of us want to get over a few things in life, while some want to get better with a few things in life. Online Therapy is not only about working on the past, it is also about working on our present to build a better future. Therapy and counseling are for everyone seeking better mental health, or who wants to deal with any kind of mental, emotional or social stress. It’s time to break the stigma.
  • What to keep in mind during Online Counseling?
    There aren’t many things to keep in mind during an online counseling session. A few things, however, are to be taken care of so as to provide you with a good experience. Since the entire process of an online mental health counseling session requires the client and the counselor to be in a good network zone, it is imperative to have a stable internet connection and a good mobile network. Before you enter an online therapy session, please make sure you have a good audio connection (microphone as well as speakers/headphones). In the case of video sessions, kindly use a well-lit environment. Keep the necessary information handy before the session like the session link, and others. To avoid any disturbance, try getting in a comfortable space with the least noise. Try to be in a space where you can maintain your privacy.
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