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What our Clients and Partners say?


My therapist helped me understand my issues and traumas in a short time and also taught me how to identify my triggers and manage my emotions so that I can have a calm approach while dealing with my differences with my partner. My spouse also felt the positive effect on my life and we both are now feeling very optimistic about our relationship.

Thanks, for your help and for making such a big change in my life.


The environment that the counsellor created felt like a safe place. I felt heard and got the understanding from my therapist and it helped me open up. I got solutions that proved instrumental in moving forward in current life situations specifically at work and in relationships. I would like to take more sessions to make aware of triggers and feelings they bring, find out patterns and break them.


I came to therapy when I was at one of my lowest points - emotionally and mentally. Talking to my therapist has been helping me get some much-needed clarity. With the help of my therapist, I have been trying to work on myself towards becoming a better version of myself, the one where I am not so hard on myself and one where I allow myself to make mistakes.

While things don't become better in a day and healing is never a linear journey, it always feels good to know that I have been making progress and I have my therapist to thank that for. Hoping to keep that up.


My therapist has helped me get through my problem with ease by providing me with a safe and understanding environment, where I was able to talk about all the things that bothered me. Being able to talk about these things has helped me make progress and bring positive change in me.

NOTE: names have been changed for confidentiality.

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